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Buy residence permits online

While our clients are already in EU and some are out of EU, most of our clients request for a long term residence permit in an EU country (or permanent residence).

However, a good percentage of them do need the Canadian residence permit as well as some to buy the USA green Card. It is worth noting that even in the EU.

We frequently have clients who want to buy the UK residence permit, the German Residence permits, the Italian residence permit, the Spanish residence permit, the Belgian residence permit and the Netherlands residence permits.

Buyers who are already in the EU and still buy residence permit still include: people who want to join their families, people who need permanent residence to benefit from job opportunities, people who want permanent residence for school, and people who wish to move from one European country to another.

Whatever be your intentions for wanting to buy a permanent residence, contact us and we will grant you a real residence permit in record time.

Buy Real Residence Permit, stay in a country of your choice and in a city of your choice. Stay in a country of your choice and in a city of your choice. You can buy an original resident permit from us. You can buy an original resident permit from us.

Buy Residence Permit Online

Buy Residence Permit Online

Fake Residence Permit Card for Sale

We are available with a team of fake and real ID card makers online who ful-fill all the needs and requirements of the clients in a matter of time.

An ID card works as a strong identity proof for any individual. It is designed on a card just similar to the shape of a credit card.

In the absence of documents, this ID card can be used for identity proof.

EU Residence Permits Online

We take our clients through the residence program of an EU member country in just five days. However, customers will still need to provide the necessary information and registration fees in order to go through the program.

It is important that the client follow the instructions of our customer service consultants to get through the process. Buy an EU country residence card from us and tell your unite permanently with your family in Europe.

There are great opportunities in Europe, such as: They offer a business immigration programs for entrepreneurs and investors to move to Some EU countries.

Just start a new company in an EU country; you can immigrate to an EU country as a board member or director through business investments. The minimum investment, including all necessary costs, is about € 50,000 for non-EU nationals.

The most popular form of company among foreigners is LLC (or in Hungarian Ltd.). The minimum capital required to establish a company is approx. EUR 10,000 (HUF 3,000,000).

One of the advantages of establishing a company in Hungary is that it is not obligatory to deposit share capital with the bank, and 100% of this capital can be spent on company-related expenses immediately after the scan (for example: investment, warehouse rental, inventories, and market research).

However, you don’t have to be too rich before you can get residence in the EU. We invite you to buy your EU country residence permit from us and enjoy the benefits for the next five years renewable.

Residence Permits Online

Residence Permits Online

Buy Canadian Residence Permit

Canada has a very slow immigration system. However, Canada is a welcoming country. Apart from its express entry procedures which rapidly embrace eligible applicants for residence, we offer you Canadian permanent residence.

You can easily buy genuine Canadian residence permits from us because we take advantage of the loop holes in the express entry system to make this possible.

Since we started providing Canadian residence permits, most of our clients have come from Quebec and Calgary. These clients are already resident in Canada illegally and they need to buy the Canadian residence permit to easily get employment or school.

Another common reason why people even out of Canada buy the Canadian residence permit from us is to be able to get together with other family members.

Residence Permit

Residence Permit

Obtain Residence Permits Online

Obtain Residence Permits Online

Buy the US Green Card

The US green card is the name of the American permanent residence permit. The American green card used to be the most sorts after permanent residence in the world. This is because the green card comes along with its uncountable advantages.

There is an open way to apply for the green card through the dv lottery. Another legal method is to buy your green card directly from the US government.

However, buying green card directly from the US government is not very possible for the middle class because it costs $900,000. Just like you can buy the Canadian residence permit from us, you can equally buy the US green card from us at affordable middle class rates.

Our network in the US can be referred to as the US express entry system because you can buy your US green card in just 15 working days. Contact us and buy your US green card.